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mediahof and Joomla!

Following the fork into two development branches, mediahof decided to opt for the more promising Joomla! development. Since then Joomla! has been used to develop and publish internet applications and websites for many customers based on the Joomla! CMS.

Following the design and development of predominantly customized Joomla! extensions, this has become a stable core of mediahof business.

Why we chose to use Joomla! CMS

  • open source, free GNU GPL licensing
  • global and widespread application and development
  • free extensions for almost all needs and tasks
  • manageable amount of data in basic application
  • clear and documented structure, based on free PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript applications and languages
  • easy installation and configuration of the core system and numerous extensions
  • multilingual and multi-domain capability
  • easy development and integration of individual enhancements
  • full ability to run on the widely used Apache web server (but also on all major web servers)
  • Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) support, Search Engine Friendly (SEF), page content-driven key wording...easy for customers to use
  • simple and intuitive content management for registered users in the public section (after login)
  • clearly and logically arranged administrative interface (backend)