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mh AJAX soft fade in popup module

The AJAX popup module displays the content of any content item with a soft fade in effect. Other Javascript statements will proceed as normal. Since the popup code is written into the mainframe, popup blocker can't detect and stop the popup.

Any content will be displayed flashy but discreet.

Position, view, speed/rate of fade in and the number of appearances per browser session can be individually adjusted for each copy of the module. Tested crossbrowser-compatibility and also PNG-24 transparancy alpha channel support for MSIE < 7 (CSS for PNG-background-pictures: background: url(...) is not supported! You may install an external png 24 fix). There are two different translations available (English and German).


This component requires PHP version 5.2 or higher to run on your server. It's our company policy not to reply to emails containing support questions or suggestions. Please post any suggestions, questions or problems to our support forum.


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