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eCommerce - interctive internet solutions for any case

  • You've got a great web-based business idea,
  • the necessary internet solution is larger or more specific than the "usual one",
  • and/or it is supposed to automatically display defined processes,
  • or you need a specific extension for an allready existing internet system?


No matter if it's internet shopping, social networking, groupware or other intelligent inter- and intranet based solutions, we direct your idea to a realistic and promising solution. In addition to the accurate implementation of your ideas, we always pursue the following goals:


  • focus on customers' needs
  • focus on result
  • operability
  • future safety
  • technical security
  • validity of program sources
  • and legality


We develop the most applications with open source licensed (free of charge) software. But in the long run some tasks may be less expensive using a chargeable kind of software.