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Joomla! Links

Links to official Joomla! organisations

joomla.org - official Joomla! web portal

extensions.joomla.org - official Joomla! downloads

forum.joomla.org - official Joomla! forum

feeds.joomla.org/JoomlaSecurityNews - official Joomla! security and vulnerability news

opensourcematters.org - homepage of the Joomla! developer team

Links to german Joomla! sites

www.joomla.de - official german and austrian Joomla! web portal

www.joomla-verein.de - Joomla! Deutschland e.V. (official german Joomla! association)

www.joomlaportal.de - german Joomla! support forum

www.joomlaos.de - corefiles, upgrades, templates and extensions for Joomla!

www.joomla-downloads.de - another german Joomla! download portal and support forum

www.joomla-aktuell.de - german Joomla! online magazine

www.jinsiders.de - another german Joomla! online magazine

www.joomla-blog.net - german Joomla! blog

www.jgerman.de - homepage of the german translation team

www.xing.com/net/mambo/forums - XING's Joomla! group and discussion board

More german-speaking Joomla! portals

portal.joomla.ch - official Joomla! portal of switzerland


The listed links are significant for mediahof's Joomla! development but do not (!) claim to be complete. They do not (!) represent the preferences of mediahof. When you miss important links, don't hesitate to share it with us via email. It will be our final decision wether or not to list links.