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What is Joomla!?

Based on the free scripting language, PHP, and the MySQL database, which is also free, Joomla! is a content management system published under the GNU GPL (General Public License) and freely available for automated website management.

In 2005 Joomla! emerged from the open source project Mambo. After Miro established the Mambo Foundation without involving the community and developers and rumors surfaced that Mambo would become commercialized, the team of developers decided to opt for a stand-alone and independent development branch. This allowed them to protect and further develop the large free developercommunity. It must be emphasized that the remarkable success of the CMS is based precisely on this large and independent community.

As Miro owns the rights to the "Mambo" brand, the community looked for and found a new name and trademark in the scope of a public competition. Joomla is a transcription of the Swahili word "Jumla", which basically means "the whole". The idea behind this is to place the emphasis on the community of developers inparticular. The interlocking elements icon used by the project underlines this connotation.

The CMS development that continued under the Joomla! name is completely growing apart from the Mambo Foundation, which is controlled by Miro and continues to publish Mambo free of charge.

Go to the Joomla! project homepage at http://joomla.org/

Go to the Mambo project homepage at http://mambo-foundation.org/