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mh auto archive plugin

This plugin for Joomla! moves, archives and deletes categorized articles automatically.

„Expired" articles


  • can be moved into other categories
  • can be archived
  • can be trashed
  • or completely deleted
  • increase the date of expiration after execution


The frontpage-bit will be removed after execution.
Create complex archiving processes by combining functions, parameters and multiple category-IDs.

For example

Articles in category "News" will be moved in a category "Archive 2008" by reaching the preset "expiration date". At the same time the expiration date will increase for 24 months. By achieving the new expiration date, these articles will be moved to another category "Older Articles" and the expiration date will increase to further 60 months. Articles in this category will be permanently deleted when the new expiration date is reached (after five years).


You can download the resent documentation in  PDF format.


This component requires PHP version 5.2 or higher to run on your server. It's our company policy not to reply to emails containing support questions or suggestions. Please post any suggestions, questions or problems to our support forum at http://www.mediahof.de/joomla/supportforum.


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