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Money makes the world go round!

The payment for media and design depends on many different factors. An initial consultation reduces the upcomming work and investment costs. After evaluating the amount of work you'll receive a reasonable offer.


You'll get up to 30% discount for the following products





Arrange individual terms of payment with us. That way you may use your money for other financial obligations.


You may also lease some of our services. That way you split the main costs you would have developing a homepage into convenient monthly rates.  Within the time period of a leasing contract you'll get security upgrades or other technical services free of charge.

Our minimal period of leasing contracting is 24 months.

Example: for a dynamic homepage costing € 2,100 you'll pay € 100 each month for a period of 24 months.

Special information for our foreign customers

International business transactions are value added tax (VAT) free. Transactions within Europe require a valid VAT identification number.