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Your Website is your portal to the largest market - worldwide

Before your new start in internet you should know, which internet solution will be the best for you. A simple homepage, or an interactive and content management based internet application?

Our initial consultation gives answers and will possibly help you to find the best solution. 

Your website must fit your needs and those of your visitors. We accompany you on your way from the first contact to the quality assured publishing with competence and actually know how.

Web business card/single page website

A web business card displays all important informations at one page. That may be more succecfull and even cheaper, than to confuse your visitors with a lot of boring information. You get a modern and professional single webpage from € 300.


Once having designed, programmed and installed, the static web presance offers highest stability and security. You get an exclusive solution without any limitations on contents.  A static homepage might be the right solution for you if the contents you present don't ever change or not much. mediahof develops static, by hand programmed homepages from € 600.

Since it is very difficult to manage or extend static homepages, that contains more than twelve pages, larger websites should be based on a content management system.

Web content management system

A content management system manages your website by itself. Any task can be solved. mediahof develops easy to use applications for any purpose. 

Among the available CMS, "Joomla!" is published under a free "Open Source" licence and belongs to the most popular and reliable CMS in the world. There are no license fees! There is a big advantage in that it can be used even by a layman. Joomla! offers easy to care, flexible to extend, safety and cost saving, long living solutions. Joomla! sets no limits to your demands.

During a lot of projects mediahof has been growing to a leading company for developing Joomla! applications. Our Joomla! products are worldwide respected and in use!

A Joomla! website from € 800, produced by our company, contains a professionally designed layout and some special features like a contact form, a site search, a google map, an included online help and a rich editor for editing contents and uploading pictures by yourself. The programming code is optimized for search engines. While you are hosting your homepage on a mediahof server, you'll get security and upgrade support without extra paying.

Thanks to its modular structure the CMS can always be extended. Even extensive layout modifications can be made on the productive system. Extensions, which won't be available in the free market, will be developed by mediahof on request.

Perhaps you need a very unique design with high-quality, licensed images? A comprehensive portal? An Online-Shop? Or any other website with special functions?

We try to fulfill every request. At a reasonable price based on a comprehensive and free initial consultation.

Domain providing and internet hosting

Registering a domain/URL and providing an internet server causes periodic costs. In the first year we will take over these costs, if you run your application on a mediahof internet server. Later on you have to pay between*  5 - 25 €/month.

* Some tasks need high server capacity depending on the amount of data, the number vof daily visitors, or extensive security measures. You have to pay this increase in costs.

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We offer

  • professional consulting
  • intensive quality check
  • security and stability
  • quality and full warranty
  • support and personal training
  • internet marketing and search engine optimizing

Your success is our best recommandation!